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Select An Artist

Choose the artist you would like to receive feedback from. You may choose from Sanel Redzic, Rene Izquierdo, Carlo Marchione, Vladimir Gorbach, Celil Refik Kaya, Andrea De Vitis Tal Hurwitz.

We are currently featuring these 8 incredible artists in the tonebase Interative lineup. More artists will be joining soon, and if there's someone you'd love to see shoot us a message using the messenger on the right!

Step 2

Submit Your Video

Record a video of yourself playing & upload it to YouTube. Videos must under 8 minutes in length or you may specify up to an 8 minute segment of a longer video for our artists to review.

For more information about creating and uploading your video please see our FAQ. We ask that you upload your video to YouTube so that we may easily share it with artists. You can leave your YouTube videos as Unlisted so they are not visible to the public.
Click here for information on uploading to YouTube

Step 3

Receive Feedback

That's it! Watch your email for details from us on delivery. We are always available for questions, and offer a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee so you never have to worry about your purchase.

We will send you a confirmation email with your unique order link that you can use to view the status of your purchase. All tonebase Interactive feedback sessions come with a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Please see our Refund Policy and our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for more information. Please contact us at any time with your questions.
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Begin by choosing an artist below. You can then add your video, include any additional details, and submit your feedback request. Your videos will only be shared with the artist and will only be visible to the tonebase team and your chosen musician.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or ask a question using the message box in the bottom right.

We hope you enjoy tonebase Interactive!

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Select An Artist

Choose from our world-class selection of guitarists and composers. We are proud to present the following incredible artists: Rene IzquierdoVladimir GorbachNikita KoshkinCarlo MarchioneCelil Refik KayaSanel RedzicAndrea De Vitis, and Tal Hurwitz

Click on any artist to see more information!

Rene Izquierdo


Sanel Redzic


Nikita Koshkin


Carlo Marchione


Vladimir Gorbach


Celil Refik Kaya


Andrea De Vitis


Tal Hurwitz


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Rene Izqueirdo